Happy Valentines..

well lets think.
i had a good Valentine's day. i thought it would suck but it didn't.
we all went out to dinner Saturday night.
Ally and i wore skirts and dressed nicely.
Joe and Ry dressed up too. twas so cute.
we went to TGIF and then the movies.
saw Boogeyman. cuddled. kissed.
Ry got me a single rose and a Build A Bear Frog, named Kermit :).

gosh, besterest Valentine's Ever.
Ry, i love you with all that i've got.&&.i can't wait until we're all grown up so we can grow old together.


Happy Valentine's Day :)..
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Ghetto Fabulous Day..

well today was perdy fun. haha.
Ally and i decided to go along with the "Ghetto Day" and twas interesting.
took some random pictures and yeah.. haha.
so here you go..

Ghetto CrackersCollapse )

that's it for me. later.
Oh yeah, First Varsity Match, tomorrow night. w00t.
Ry, i love you baby.&&.you're my world!.
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i'm okay...

hey everyone. how's it going?
well my week has been perdy good so far.
i just found out that i am playing Varsity Soccer. w00t.
and then today was uhhh twin day? and yeah twas interesting.
then tomorrow is "Ghetto Fabulous Day" and Ally and i will be participating, i will be sure to post a shit load of pix. tehe.
also, this weekend, Andrew broke his collar bone :( it sucks but owell i wuv my buddy anyway, with or without his collar bone. haha.
and uhhh.. yeah?.
almost 8 months wif Ry. tehe.

that's it. later.
Ry, i love you cracka. you're the only person for me. :).
Ally, were gonna be gungster :). TE-HHEEE. the red neck way.


oh yeah, new layout. when i find out who did it, i'll credit :-D.
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do you like to hurt?..

well today was okay.
we got a shitload of ice. wahoo.
i hope we don't have school monday.
hm.. well, Ally and i spent the day wif Joe and Ryan.
twas fun. :) we played in the ice then hung out and what not.
then we're here hanging out doing absofuckinglutely nothing.

the end.

Ry, i love you baby. you're my world.

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day from hell..

today sucked so much ass it's not even funny.

the end.

Ry, i love you baby. you're my everything. i can't wait to see you.

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the best fucking day of my life. haha.
Katie got the shit tore outta her today. haha. GOOOOO BROOKE!
oh lord. that was effing hilarious.
i wish i could've seen it. but it was funny how Brooke was describing it.
hahaha. awh and poor Waldrep might hafta switch schools, again. :(.
hahahahahhaha. funny shit.

hrm.. anyway, my day was good.
went to school.
did shit. then went to soccer.
got run an ass load.
and yeah. now i'm here.
the end.
Ry, i love you baby. you're my world. i can't wait til this weekend. :).
ALly, my seeeeester :). i lurv you.

sticks and stones may break my bones but whips and chains excite me so throw me down on the ground and show me that you like me..
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